The Best DIY Home Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

The Best DIY Home Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

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Any first-time homeowner would agree there’s nothing more satisfying than completing a project that improves the functionality or aesthetic of your living space. Aside from saving money, there are several other benefits of taking on a DIY project:

  • Having a deeper connection to your surroundings.
  • An opportunity to use your brain.
  • Functional movement that burns calories and strengthens muscles.
  • A connection to others.
  • A feeling of freedom.


Just make sure you execute safety when engaging in any home improvement projects — familiarize yourself with the risks — and know when it’s best to leave the work to a pro.


Before You Start

When conducting any DIY project, make sure you’re dressed appropriately. To prevent damage and injury, avoid wearing any loose-fitting clothing and jewelry, and tie your hair back if it’s long. It’s best to wear snug articles of clothing (no shorts or short sleeves so you can protect your skin) and supportive shoes like boots. If you’re working outdoors, don’t forget the SPF. When working with chemicals, make sure your skin is completely covered, you’re wearing gloves, safety glasses and a mask to guard against the inhalation of dangerous fumes.


Projects you can DIY

Painting: There’s no easier and more cost-effective DIY project than painting — and you would be surprised what a fresh coat or two can do to a room! Make sure you protect floors and furniture with a drop cloth and get the right form of painter’s tape to protect your ceilings and baseboards from paint. There are different kinds to meet the needs of the different types of materials it will be sticking to — wood, metal, etc.


Add Curb Appeal: The entrance to your home is the first impression neighbors and guests see. Consider swapping out the door for something more ornate or classic (depending on the style of your home), plant some low-maintenance flowers and shrubs along the foundation and/or walkway — even potted plants/blooms will do if you don’t have a green thumb. Swap out the front porch light with something more attention grabbing that also enhances the architecture of your home.


Enhance A Room With Molding: Nothing finishes off the look of a room quite like crown molding. If you live in an historical home, it’s likely that most of the rooms already have it — but if you’re adding it in areas where it isn’t present, just make sure it matches the style of your home.


Redo The Backsplash In Your Kitchen Or Bath: Put some new life into your kitchen or bath by replacing or adding a new backsplash made with ceramic or glass tiles. If you don’t want to remove what you already have, there are easier options such as an adhesive wood that can be replaced over an existing backsplash or paint.


When To Leave A Project To A Pro

Some projects are best left to an expert because they require applicable permits that a pro would have knowledge of, are liable to require skills that are beyond your realm of expertise, and are too dangerous to execute. Not to mention, trying to tackle projects such as these may actually cost you more money should you create further damage from lack of know-how.


Do your homework (ask copious questions, request to see licenses, read reviews, try to get referrals, etc.) before hiring a pro to handle one of these heavy hitter projects.


  • Structural changes to your home
  • Heating work
  • Plumbing issues
  • Roof repairs — big or small
  • Electrical repair or installation


It’s not a bad idea to figure out what your home is worth before starting any remodeling. There are online resources or professional appraisers to help you do that. The right projects can increase its value, so it’s helpful to be aware of where you stand so you can create a goal that will raise your ROI should you decide to sell.


There are a number of projects you can DIY as a first time home buyer, such as adding a fresh coat of paint, planting flowers, adding crown molding, and redoing the backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Keep in mind that there are some projects that are simply best left to the professionals because they require expertise in that field. Complete what you can this weekend and you’ll feel at home in no time.


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